Make.  A. Difference.

Join the Team

If you want to make a difference in the Tampa Bay area, this is the team for you! We aren’t simply another church, we are a church making an impact in the community. God has started to stir a powerful movement in the hearts of many to reach people who have not been reached before. God will change lives of people who are far from perfect. He will bring hope to the hopeless as well as love to the rejected and abandoned. Our DREAM TEAM makes the life of the church happen. It does not take much time and energy to make a big difference. Serving in the local church also accounts for volunteer hours needed by Fl. High school students.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the following area:

  • Set-up teams, learn the behind the scenes of how to create a church environment
  • Café & Hospitality, every time we gather we like to offer a variety of free refreshments
  • First-Impressions, we love to greet people from the parking lot to inside the auditorium, and that takes folks with friendly smiling faces
  • Kids ministry, this is for people who love children! Play, teach, sing, dance, and have fun providing a safe interactive environment in ASAP Kids.
  • Special Events & Outreach, to reach the community for Christ we need many hands doing various activities
  • Security & Safety, weekly gatherings include someone looking out for the personal safety of those in attendance. We also have an area that medical & first responders can serve by providing first aid assistance during worship experiences.


Help us build this EXCITING church for OUR community.

15402 Casey Road, Tampa, FL 33624